7th Pay Scale: The recommendations of MIC to make the seventh pay scale permanent for 2,710 workers in the Municipal Corporation Council, in line with government orders, and to give jobs to the regulated worker’s family members in the event of his death were accepted.

6th and 7th pay scale Employees of Gwalior: Good news for those working for Gwalior Municipal Corporation. The people who work for the Municipal Council will get a big gift before Dussehra. At the council meeting on Tuesday, it was agreed that the regulated employees would now get the sixth and seventh pay scales together. Soon, the process of making them regular instead of regulated will also begin.

7th Pay Scale

Reports say that the Municipal Corporation Council held an important meeting on Tuesday. Chairman Manoj Singh Tomar, after hearing what all the councilors had to say, proposed the seventh pay scale for the benefit of 2,710 employees, regularization as required by the government, and the support of a regularized employee’s family in the event of his death. It was agreed that MIC’s plan to give jobs to the Corporation Council would be approved by everyone. The people who work for the Gwalior Municipal Corporation will gain financially from this decision, and their pay will also increase.

Soon, orders will be sent out.

During the meeting, it was decided that the regulated workers of the company will now all get the sixth-seventh pay scale, and the process of turning them from regulated to regular will begin. It has also been said that the heirs of regulated workers will be given jobs. This idea was signed off on in the Municipal Corporation’s general meeting. The Council has asked the Corporation Commissioner to back up the plan as soon as possible with orders. It is said that talks are going on about offering regulated employees the benefit of compassionate appointments soon.

7th Pay Scale
7th Pay Scale

The wave of happiness among workers

Regulated employees have been protesting their demands for several months now, but no final decision could be made. At the council meeting on Tuesday, the issue was brought up again, and the councillors asked the chairman to make a decision that would help the employees. Requested to take. When this choice was made, it made everyone at work very happy. The workers have thanked the company.

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